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Optimus-XL PTFE Covered Peripheral Stent

Optimus-CVS CoCr PTFE covered Extra Large stent is especially designed to treat large lumen in complex interventional procedures where high radial strength combined with a safe PTFE covering is needed

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Optimus CoCr L-XL-XXL Peripheral Stent

The Optimus CoCr Stent is especially designed for large vessel support, extra safety in every day and difficult procedures. The unique patented hybrid cell design offers high radial strength and unique flexibility. Taking the good AndraTec patented design and making it better in terms of expansion range, foreshortening, radial force and production quality is important to the philosophy of AndraTec. 

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AltoSa XL PTA Balloons

Advanced PTA balloon technology for special requirements

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Shillo Medical Innovations Ltd.

15 Hachita st. Oranit
4481300, Israel